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Best of misses Bossa Nova girl desha 20 ...
Best of misses Bossa  Nova girl desha 2009

Исполнитель: VAЗаглавие диска: Best o ...
Sharp World Clock 4.54
Sharp World Clock 4.54

Sharp World Clock - программа, предназна ...
Открытки с новым годом! (2 PNG)
Открытки с новым годом! (2 PNG)

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Spartaque - Sunrise on KissFM 043 (feat ...
Spartaque - Sunrise on KissFM 043 (feat Andrea Bertolini) (2009)

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Brainstorm - Memorial Roots [HQ] (2009)
Brainstorm - Memorial Roots [HQ] (2009)

Artist: BrainstormAlbum: Memorial Roots ...
Butiful frames fo you
Butiful frames fo you

6 png | 3600х3600 | 59,4 Мб

1 шт. | ai | 4,1 Мб
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers and Frie ...
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers and Friends (2003) BDRip 720p

Джон Мэйол - британский музыкант, один и ...
Photoshop Style
Photoshop Style

Photoshop StyleFile Size: 2.5 KB
Mouse Album
Mouse Album

1 psd | 300dpi | 4961X3189 | 22 Мб

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Foxit Reader Professional + Rus

Категория: Soft
Foxit Reader Professional + Rus

Foxit Reader - малогабаритная и живо трудящаяся программа для просмотра документов формата PDF, не требующая наличия великого и потому медлительно запускающегося Adobe Reader. Дозволяет выделять и копировать текст в буфер размена, а также создавать поиск по тексту. Нормально работает с русским языком.

Foxit PDF Reader is the only eligible alternative reader/viewer for PDF files(eBooks). It%27s free, smaller, faster, and cleaner. And it starts up immediately, so you don%27t need to wait the annoying "Welcome" screen to disappear. Foxit PDF Reader is extremely easy to use, just double click it to start and then click open button to open your PDF document. If you want to print, click on "Print" button. If you want to setup the page layout for printing, select "Print Setup" from "File" menu. Foxit Reader supports Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
Unlike Adobe® Reader, this one has size about than 2.5 MB, needs no installation and opens up immediately. You don%27t need to go throught lengthy installation process to start using Foxit PDF Reader, just UNZIP the downloaded "pdfrd.zip" package into any place you want, then run PDFReader.exe. You can set Foxit PDF Reader as your default PDF reader, so you can double click on PDF files to open them within Foxit PDF Reader.

What%27s new in Version 3.1:

New features:
* Internet Search. Foxit Reader 3.1 supports internet keyword search. You can select the text and click the pop-up search icon or press and drag the mouse directly to search for the related information in internet.
* Favorite Toolbar. Foxit PDF Reader 3.1 supports to customize the useful tools to appear in the Favorite Toolbar area, so that users can choose the tools that are used most often easily and quickly.
* Comments Panel. Lists all comments in the PDF document, and provides a number of common options that helps users check their comments better, such as expanding or collapsing all comments, as well as sorting comments in different ways.
* Summarize Comments. Allows users to generate a new PDF document with comments summary and set the document properties, such as paper setting, page range choosing, and so on. It is a convenient way to get a synopsis of all the comments associated with a PDF.
* Document Restrictions. Now users can view document restrictions by clicking the Security tab in the properties dialog box. The document’s Security Method restricts what can be done to the document, and the Document Restrictions Summary displays a list of tasks that users can perform.
* Supports MSAA. Part of user interface elements supports Microsoft Active Accessibility(MSAA), that is, to deliver the UI information to the MSAA client-side.
* Streamlined UI. A completely redesigned UI with a new look and feel that makes Foxit Reader more intuitive than ever before, such as updated icons and the reclassified menu bar.

Официальный сайт www.foxitsoftware.com
Размер: 4,9 MB

Скачать | Download
Foxit Reader Professional + Rus

Внимание! У вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.

Внимание! У вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.

Внимание! У вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.

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